In the mad rush to demonstrate to the outside world that “yes, we can” and yes, we also do, many companies seem to overlook what could, and should be their first sustainability quick win: internal procedures and employee engagement.

Demands on supply chain, and even clients, to abide by a…

Securing stakeholder involvement and feedback is an essential part of strategy development: Suppliers, Clients, Employees, Community. What should we consider when consulting the most important stakeholder groups for destinations?

Click on this link for an article that I wrote for the GDS-Movement blog that applies to solid strategy development for sustainable destinations and event managers alike.

As with many business types, an Event Management Agency demonstrates its competitive value through a singular touch of sparkle generated by its own mix of quality services — solid customer service, strong negotiation skills, fast and efficient coordination, sound communication, marketing, up to date technology, secure finances and above all…

SEE Network Spain is a relatively new Event Management Agency based in Barcelona, but dont let that shiny veneer fool you. …

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca is a Sustainability Consultant, Trainer and Auditor specialising in Tourism and Events

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